Love & Alchemy

sacred medicine for the body & soul

Photograph by:  Frances F. Denny

Photograph by: Frances F. Denny

“I am a 


medicine woman 

womb keeper 

protector of the sacred feminine 

midwife of transformation 

doula to rebirth 

one who knows the dance 

between life and death


a lover of humans 

a resurrector of hearts

a liberator of souls 


a plant whisperer 

born of the earth 

feral with freedom 


a bridge to the wild and tender places 

that makes medicine for remembering 


a heart too big for this chest and body 

dripping in desire

always forgetting to remember 



the sweetness of blood, flesh, bones, heart, womb, soul/soil, sun, salt, sea, skin 


continually in devotion to spirit and what it is to be human.” 



Caity Flanagan, is a modern day medicine woman, shamanic healer, somatic life coach, holistic herbalist, a writer & poet, and doula for birth from the body and soul. 

She currently lives in the jungles of Costa Rica, in deep devotion to tending to the body, healing through the elements, and birthing the words and work of her soul. When Caity is not in the embrace of the jungle she travels throughout the US and world to bring medicine teachings on plant medicine, trauma-informed somatic healing & life coaching, tantric meditation, and what it is to be both human and divine. 

Caity is the creator of The Wild Calling, a 9-month mystery school and deep initiation into the divine feminine. Caity also runs a somatic coaching intensive called, Embodiment, and a collective womb-healing circle called, The Sacred Cycles Journey. Through her private somatic coaching practice, Caity works with individuals ready for deep transformation, who are hungry to alchemize and make art from their trauma and to birth the stories of their souls, and those who are seeking to create lives of deep service and devotion to Spirit. 


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