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wild woman moon circle

we are gathering under the “pink moon” this month. named by the Iroquois people, this moon is all about birth, spring, what is new and tender. Pink is the color of beating hearts and budding flowers. it is the color associated with our wombs, cherry blossoms, and love love love.  pink traditionally has been associated with the feminine, but who needs those bullsh#t gender norms.


this month we’ll put on our rose colored glasses and dive in deep (just like scorpio likes to do) into what it means to love ourselves. we’ll paint pictures of what a life we love looks like and release all the sh#t that’s getting in the way! through the use of water, healing crystals, plants and ritual we’ll fill up those inner wellsprings (a.k.a our big juicy hearts) under this beautiful, scorpio full moon. 

goddesses, wild women, divine feminine souls, spirit junkies, moon lovers, curious humans, soul seekers, purposeful wanderers, bleeding hearts, witches (but only the good kind), priestesses, healers,light workers, magic makers of all sorts. 
time and space to put your heart on loud speaker and gather the energy of the full moon. 
medicine space - 89 5th ave. suite 906, new york, ny
april 24th - 6 to 8pm
$30 or