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the red thread

When: Saturday, September 17th

Where: Daya Yoga Studio

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: $40

(includes ceremonial bracelet and candle)


“ What would be possible from a foundation of self love? What could you create in your life if you intimately knew the place where your power lives? Who would you be in the world, in your relationships, in your work if you were connected to your purpose and heart? What if you felt safe in your vulnerability, your power, and your body at all times? What would shift if you made an unbreakable vow to yourself to cultivate and nourish the parts of you that make you feel most alive? What would happen if you had access to an unending wellspring of love? 


You are a divine being, come back home to yourself, and give yourself an abundance of love. 


The red thread is an intimate and sacred place for women to journey back home to their hearts, to know their inner purpose, and to be in the relationships they deserve, beginning with themselves. 


Through guided meditation, sacred ceremony, and ritual you'll create a divine union with yourself and your heart. Witness your heart and power, be held by other women, and create a unshakeable bond to yourself, your heart, and others.”



Join Caity Flanagan, herbalist, healer, and founder of love and alchemy ( for an intimate, sacred, and sensuous evening of ritual, ceremony, and meditation to help guide you back home to your heart. 

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