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Earth Keeper's Medicine: A Medicine Women's Apprenticeship

  • Sunshine Reiki at Ocean Beach (map)

The Earth Keeper's Medicine 

Is a 7 month apprenticeship in devotion to tending the earth, the feminine, ourselves, each other, and communtities through somatic practices, shamanic healing,  holistic herbalism and earth-based medicine practices & ceremony 

The Experience

Over the course of 7 months and 13 moons, 13 women will gather to heal themselves, tend to the Earth, and step into their roles as Earth Keeper's, those who are devoted to healing with, through, by, and for the Earth. 

We will gather for 1 weekend intensive a month to sit in sacred circle, tend to a sacred medicine garden, learn & explore hands on herbal medicine making, dive into shamanic journeys & healing practices, explore the power of elemental medicine & energy healing, create divine feminine ceremonies & rituals, and to be held in a container of empowerment, support, and love. 

Throughout the month each woman will create her own herbal formulations, dive deep into personal and group soul-work, receive 1:1 shamanic & somatic coaching, work hands on in our collective medicine garden, journal, go on shamanic journeys, and be held in her journey of exploration, awakening, and remembering to the medicine within her and all around her.  We will also connect for a monthly support call in between weekend trainings. 

From the Earth Keeper's Medicine Journey each women will walk away with 160+ hours of training in holistic herbalism, shamanic healing work, and plant spirit communication.  

Who Is This Course For?

Women who are called to know themselves, the earth, and each other more intimately. Those who are looking for a strong foundation in herbal medicine & healing work. Those who are awakening to their gifts as healers and are looking for a safe and supportive container to build their skills in. Those who are looking for community and a sacred circle to rebirth, heal, and explore in. 

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The Details

Each month we will gather for 1 weekend intensive and also connect online for our group check in call. Below are the dates and times for each gathering. 


Air // The East Direction:  Weekend 1
April 21st from 12pm-6pm and April 22nd from 11am-6pm


Fire // The South Direction: Weekend 2

May 26th from 12pm-6pm and May 27th from 11am-6pm


Water // The West Direction: Weekend 3

June 23rd from 12-6pm and June 24th from 11am-6pm


Earth // The North Direction: Weekend 4

July 28th from 12-6pm and July 29th from 11am-6pm 


Pachamama & The Womb // The Below Direction: Weekend 5

August 28th from 12-6pm and August 29th from 11am-6pm 


Great Spirit as the Sun, Moon & Cosmos // The Above Direction: Weekend 6

September 22nd from 12-6pm and September 23rd from 11am-6pm


The Heart & Sacred Integration // Within: Weekend 7

October 21st from 10am -6pm - Graduation Celebration!!!


Class will be held at Sunshine Reiki Ocean Beach

at 1361 44th Ave, San Francisco CA 94122

All group calls will take place on Zoom from 7-8:30 pm PST

To Register Please Go To

and email