Love & Alchemy

sacred medicine for the body & soul

alchemy: the seemingly magical process of transformation
— oxford dictionary


love and alchemy was born out of a seemingly magical process itself. bubbling into creation after being dreamt of and woven together under many moonlit nights, love and alchemy became a tangible, yet ever changing and transmutable brand. 


love and alchemy is the continually growing culmination of sacred plants, stones, people, words, and places that have sparked healing. love and alchemy is the umbrella under which all this magic takes places. 


love and alchemy is home to healing tinctures, essences, and plant medicine creations. it is the space in which we converge to learn, listen, and grow. it is part meditation, part plant medicine, part heart, mind, and soul expansion. and it is always done as an act of love. 


our process::

each plant based creation and gem essence is created with deep intention and care. using the moon phases and sacred communication with all the materials used, these elixirs are created both intuitively and using earth wisdom that has been gathered across many centuries and cultures. 


our medicine making always begins with setting an intention and deeply listening to the materials we use. we clear the space with sacred smoke and prayers. and then the magic begins. 


we always infuse our creations (even our workshops) with deep love, reiki, and a devotion to the earth, spirit, and human heart.