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Plant Medicine Wellness Consultations 

Begin or deepen your healing journey with an intuitive and holistic plant medicine consultation and learn how to heal through the use of holistic, whole plant medicine in all of its forms . 

What is a Plant Medicine Wellness Consultation?

Plant medicine wellness sessions are a meditative, intuitive, and scientific approach take on a traditional herbalism consultation.  A combination of holistic herbalism, meditation, journeying, and intuitive council. Each session is an exploration of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Consultations begin with an in-depth look at your overall lifestyle and health, through a full intake of your health history; past, present, and towards the future. With this foundational information, we will begin your healing journey by setting an intention and discussing your future goals. Working with the seasons, natural plant remedies, gem and flower essences, and other holistic and energy healing practices we will co-create recommendations and decide what is the best form of healing and medicine for you. You will leave each session with a full guide of lifestyle, dietary, and herbal recommendations to support your healing journey. 

The intention is always to create and foster a deeper sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Simply and profoundly brining you a gentle reminder somatically and spiritually of your inherent wholeness and wellbeing

To book a session or if you have questions please email:

* In-person and at-home sessions can be arranged for client's located in the NYC-area, Conneticut, and Nosara, Costa Rica

Plant Medicine Wellness Consultation Rates

Preliminary Consultation - 90 minutes -$125

Follow Up Consultations - 60 minutes - $90