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Aura Shield


Aura Shield


A U R A  S H E I L D

For energetic protection & clearing


“Impermeable, shielded in the white light of protection.

My experience is my own.

I allow the world to move freely around me,

undisturbed by the energies of others.

I walk in this world as a clear & powerful light worker.”


Aura Shield’s Medicine: For light workers, sensitive beings, and folks that feel it all. Selenite helps to clear and align our chakras, letting only light in; connecting us to the angelic realm. Angelica essence brings the energy of the feminine, allowing us to become “clear and hollow reeds” for Spirit and healing in the highest forms to move through us. Black tourmaline a stone of protection, grounds us deep into the earth and transmutes any negative energy and pain. St. John’s Wort & Yarrow have a long history as shamanic and magical plants of protection. St. John’s Wort connects us to our inner light & protects us during dreamtime. Yarrow grants us warrior strength and wraps us in a bubble of white light & protection.


To Use: Place 1-4 drops of the essence under your tongue or in a glass of water. This essence can be placed in a bath, on your pillow, or applied directly to your pulse points to deliver a dose of love. Use as often as needed, with the intention of being a clear and powerful channel for divine guidance and love.


Understanding the Medicine of Flower & Gem Essences:

Flower  & Gem Essences are vibrationally infused solutions made from living, organic, wild crafted flowers & gems. The essences carry what is known as the “energetic signature” or vibration of the flower or gem, which is then be transmitted to the user. This essence can be used to positively influences imbalances within the body or energetic field.

Contains: Selenite & Black Tourmaline Gem Essences, St. John’s Wort, Angelica, & White Yarrow Flower Essences, Brandy, Water, Reiki + Love

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