Love & Alchemy

sacred medicine for the body & soul

Tantric Meditation 


Tantric meditation allows us to walk the path of intimacy & the heart.

Expanding the richness of our human experience

Tantric Meditation Sessions

Each session will be a journey back home to yourself; to your heart; desires; what you love most in the world. Tantric meditation allows us to work with the senses as a "gateway" in to our bodies, where the wisdom & longings of our heart lives. These journeys are a way to connect to the “medicine” you need, to heal and restore the (w)holy self.

This will not be an hour of sitting still on a meditation cushion, each session is unique to your needs, a full embodied experience, and ends with the healing touch of Reiki.

Sessions  can be booked at the following locations or remotely::

San Francisco

The Center SF

Nosara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Tantric Meditation Session Rates

60 minute private coaching & meditation session - $120 

*Donation based sessions available below* 

To book a session or if you have questions please email:

I am currently offering donation based private meditation sessions as part of my meditation teacher training (please note these sessions will be recorded for personal and confidential evaluation) For more information or to book your session please email: